Virgin Island Rebbetzin Airlifted to Miami

Rabbi Asher Federman from Chabad Virgin Islands, just lost his 4 month old daughter in a drowning accident. As they stood on a pier, the Federmans’ four-month old baby, Shterna Sarah, fell in. Both parents jumped into the water, and desperately tried to save her. In the panic, Henya got stuck under the pier for an extended amount of time. People nearby struggled to pull her out and resuscitate her. She is now on life-support fighting for her life, after being transported to Miami for critical medical care. The baby did not survive, ר”ל, and was recovered from the water some time later. His wife Henya almost drowned as well and is currently on life support in Miami. Our hearts are broken. We need to continue to pray that Henya bas Bracha Devora Leah will pull through and live long healthy years together with her children, who so need her. We, their friends and admirers, must stand with the family during their darkest hour. Please help the families major medical, burial, travel, therapy expenses that they’ve already incurred and will continue to incur.

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