From the Shmotkin-Federman families…

From the Shmotkin-Federman families…

We are moved beyond words by the immense outpouring of love and concern for Henya, Rabbi Asher and their beautiful kinderlach, and are endlessly grateful for all the help you’ve provided us. Your prayers, Mitzvah-drives, Hakhel gatherings, et al; your incredibly generous response to the crisis fund; your medical and logistical assistance, your hosting us in various cities, & much more! We truly have no words to express our gratitude and are forever indebted…!

In reply to the countless inquiries we’ve received, here’s a very brief update:

Upon their arrival to Miami (Nov. 30) and onward, Henya and Asher have been cared for by their parents and siblings, alongside Henya’s top-notch medical personnel. Though recovering from shock and adjusting to the enormous new challenges, Asher joined us at Henya’s bedside at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Trauma Center.

On Wed., 20 Kislev-Dec. 14, Henya was moved to Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, where she is on life support. Along with ‘round the clock familial care, this specialty unit is uniquely outfitted to provide her the very best medical care for a miraculous recovery, with G-d’s help.

Our dear Henya bas Brachah Devorah Leah is in urgent need of all your prayers and increased good deeds in her merit! Please help her! Thank you.

Upon concluding shiva for their baby sister, Asher and Henya’s children traveled to the Rebbe’s Ohel to engage in impassioned prayer for their mother’s speedy recovery.

They then continued to Florida to spend a day at their mother’s bedside.

The Federman children have since been welcomed back by their Detroit-based aunt and uncle, along with their teachers and classmates from whom they’d only recently parted (after some months there).

And while the blessings of modern technology thankfully allowed Asher and his children to be in close contact during this time, he will, please G-d, be joining them now in Detroit.

May G-d A-lmighty grant that the inner strength, steadfast faith and selfless care for one another that the Federman kinderlach have exhibited during this unfathomably difficult time — which attest to Henya and Asher’s incredible real-life modeling and education — bring about a complete and speedy recovery to our dearest Henya bas Brachah Devorah Leah!!

With love and appreciation,

The Shmotkin & Federman Families
Parents and Siblings of Asher and Henya
P.S. We’d be most grateful if in Henya’s honor you’d encourage at least one more woman or girl to illuminate the world by kindling Shabbat candles today [ ; times at ],

and if you’d encourage yet one more family to light Chanukah menorahs during the impending holiday [ ], from this Sunday night, Dec. 18, onward.
On that note: In Henya’s merit, the Virgin Islands are slated to experience their brightest-ever Chanukah holiday, replete with public menorah lightings, concerts and other events — led by rabbinical students ‘pressed into service’ by Rabbi Asher…