Bechman Family Fund

Dear friends, Unfortunately, a dear friend of ours lost her son to a sudden heart attack. He was a wonderful son, loving husband and father of 3 beautiful children; 8-year-old Eliezer Eliyahu, 6-year-old Rahel and 4-year-old Yaacov Menahem. Yosef, as we all knew him, was orphaned very young and had to go out into the world at an early age. He was married at 22 and always concerned about raising his family. Financially, things were never easy for him. The family lived in Panama and Bogota until they finally decided to make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael. They have been living there for a little less than two years, both him and his wife making sacrifices and working very hard to meet the family’s monthly expenses. Only three days ago Yosef’s 33 year old Neshama left this world to go back to the Boré Olam. A neshama that was clean and pure. We are sure that his kindness, faith in Hashem, constant smile despite difficulties, focus on the education of his children and example of Torah that he radiated will lead to pleading for his neshama in Shamayim. He left us very abruptly and unexpectedly. It was from one moment to another, leaving his wife alone with three small children. She must move forward without him and the family’s economic situation does not help. We all know the expenses involved raising a family BH. Orly, his wife, must focus on her children at this time. She will not be able to work for a while, and even when she can go back, her priority will be to be a mother and watch over her young children. Meeting monthly expenses will be extremely difficult. We are creating this fund to help this family in this desperate and trying time. We beg you with our hearts, do not let this message pass like others. It’s time to help those who need it, let’s put our hands on our hearts and help an entire family. We do not know the blessings that can come from helping this poor widow and her children. We pray to Hashem to never test us and to always be on the side that gives. May Hashem send comfort to the whole family. Grateful to everyone. Remember… It all adds up!