World’s Tallest Digital Hanukkah Menorah Lights-Up Florida Skyline at Paramount Miami Worldcenter

World’s Tallest Digital Hanukkah Menorah Lights-Up Florida Skyline at Paramount Miami Worldcenter

In celebration of Hanukkah, The World’s Tallest Electronic Menorah, The World’s Tallest Spinning Digital Dreidels and The World’s Largest L.E.D. Array of Six-Pointed Jewish Stars are light up South Florida’s skyline at the 60-story Paramount Miami Worldcenter in downtown Miami.

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter is the “Magic City’s” soaring signature skyscraper and features the world’s most technologically-advanced L.E.D. animation system.

During the eight-nights of the Jewish Festival of Lights, the Paramount tower illuminates every morning before dawn and from sunset through midnight.

Beacon of Belief

The world’s tallest electronic menorah is a beautiful sight to behold. T.J. Sabo, Chief Design Officer of the Royal Palm Companies real estate firm, is the man behind its development.

Sabo believes that the menorah is much more than just a symbol of celebration. He believes that it signifies the triumph of light over darkness, and is a symbol of truth and justice. The menorah is also a way of showing solidarity with all oppressed people around the world.


Standing at a whopping 700 feet tall, the building is as tall as two-and-a-half football fields stacked vertically. So whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah or just appreciating some festive holiday decor, make sure to stop by Paramount Miami Worldcenter for a truly dazzling sight.

Take a look up at Paramount Miami Worldcenter this Hanukkah season and you’ll be greeted by a dazzling display of holiday cheer. The roof plays host to a giant menorah made of flickering candles, while the center column features the phrase “Happy Hanukkah” in giant lettering. The entire structure is then transformed into a star-studded mosaic of digital dreidels and six-pointed “Stars of David.”

Advanced Lighting System

The $3-million Color Kinetics animation lighting system with 16.2 million colors was installed in the Paramount Miami Worldcenter skyscraper. It took three years for a team of 12 technicians to install the system designed by Gavin Cooper, CEO of L.E.D. Smith, Inc. of West Palm Beach, Fla. His work is featured on bridges and buildings, worldwide, including the Empire State Building.

Tower Lighting Timing

Mark your calendars for the most anticipated event of the year! From December 18-20, experience exciting 5-minute durations at the top and bottom of every hour. Then, on December 21-26, don’t miss the 2-minute durations at the bottom of every hour.

December 18, 2022 – December 20, 2022
5:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. | 5:30 p.m. – Midnight
5-Minute Durations Top & Bottom of Every Hour
December 21, 2022 – December 26, 2022
2-Minute Durations Bottom of Every Hours


Paramount Miami Worldcenter | 851 NE First Avenue | Miami, Florida | 33132