Yahalom Florida Opening

Yahalom Florida Opening

Agudas Israel of America is excited to formally announce the opening of the Florida office of Yahalom. We are proud to be joining the Yahalom network of offices which currently serves New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

Yahalom is a resource center for families of children with special needs and unique abilities. Families with these precious children are often thrust into an unfamiliar world. An avalanche of new financial, medical, educational and emotional concerns that must be tended to. Trying to navigate this new world can be overwhelming. It is a daunting and lonely journey. Yahalom was established to assist these families in obtaining the appropriate resources by guiding, educating, and empowering them to ensure they have the help and support they need. Most importantly, Yahalom is here to reassure them that they are not alone.

As we begin the new school year, we are pleased that Yahalom Florida is now operating to assist Florida families. Mrs. Tzippy Richmond, Director of YahalomFL, will bring to the table many years of experience in navigating this unique world. She has spent the past few months researching, learning, networking, and building up knowledge that is relevant and will be helpful to our Yahalom families.

We are confident that Yahalom Florida will benefit many Florida families and will become an invaluable resource to our community.

P.S Stay tuned for our upcoming Yahalom virtual event. More details will be forthcoming, BEZH.