Woman stole from Miami-Dade private school that entrusted her with finances

On Wednesday, a 43-year-old woman made an appearance in court, facing allegations of financial misconduct in her capacity as the finance director at Scheck Hillel Community School, a Jewish co-ed private school located in Ojus.

Jennifer Tirado, as accused by Detective Nicholas Pauzuolis, stands accused of engaging in more than 30 deceptive financial transfers, amounting to approximately $245,000 in ill-gotten gains. This sum includes nearly $40,000 withdrawn at the Coconut Creek Seminole Casino, with Pauzuolis specifying that over $28,000 of these transactions constituted point-of-sale debits at the casino within a three-week timeframe.

Tirado had been taken into custody by Miami-Dade County correctional officers on Tuesday, following allegations that have been pending since 2021.

School authorities reported their suspicions regarding Tirado’s alleged embezzlement on January 12, 2021, and subsequently terminated her employment on November 2, 2021, during the course of the police investigation.

Detective Pauzuolis uncovered evidence indicating that Tirado directed most of the fraudulent transfers into a Navy Federal Credit Union account she had established in 2019, as documented in an arrest warrant dated April 12.

Additionally, Pauzuolis reported that the remaining transfers were directed to a JP Morgan Chase account, with the account holder subsequently moving the majority of the misappropriated funds into Tirado’s credit union account, according to the same warrant.

Court records reveal that prosecutors filed a case against Tirado on April 13, charging her with grand theft exceeding $100,000 and an organized scheme to defraud exceeding $50,000.

During a bond hearing, a judge ordered Tirado to maintain distance from Scheck Hillel Community School and its staff members, setting her bond at $50,000. She must, however, demonstrate that the funds used for her bail are not derived from illegal activities.

The case is currently under the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Michelle A. Delancy.