Where Can I Purchase Chametz After Passover?

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Where Can I Purchase Chametz After Passover?

Kashrut Alert
from Sunshine State Kosher

1) Chometz may be purchased without restrictions or concern at any of the following stores after Pesach:

Aldi, BJ’s, Costco, CVS, K-Mart, Publix, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Wawa, Whole Foods.

2) Winn Dixie uses several Jewish suppliers, all of whom sold their chometz before Pesach but continued to operate during Pesach. The rabbonim have historically allowed post-Pesach purchases from Winn Dixie.

3) Target – frozen foods have the same status as does Winn Dixie; the rabbonim have historically permitted purchasing immediately after Pesach. Non-frozen chometz is supplied by non-Jewish distributors and may be purchased without worry.

4) 7-11 franchises should be investigated individually to determine if there is Jewish ownership (and the status of a mechira if Jewish). Their suppliers are not Jewish companies.

5) Amazon is a clearinghouse for many sellers. Buyer needs to determine if the seller or his/her particular chometz product is Jewish (and if so, did they sell their chometz).

Keep in mind that any potential restrictions or concerns are only regarding actual chometz and not kitniyos, which is permissible to purchase from anywhere immediately after Pesach.

If you have any questions, please email to info@sunshinestatekosher.org. Wishing each of you a Gut Shabbos, a Gut Yontif, and a happy, healthy continuation of the year.