The Israeli judiciary system under scrutiny

The Israeli judiciary system under scrutiny

Justices must follow state laws objectively, and be accountable to the people, in order to prevent mistrust and contempt. Op-Ed.

To the best of my knowledge, nowhere in the free world outside of Israel do you have a self-appointed, ideologically aligned, and self-serving group of judges and prosecutors who are not accountable to anybody. And yet, the Israeli Supreme Court overturns even solid laws that are passed by the legally and freely elected officials in the Israeli parliament. This situation could be called a “judiciary dictatorship,” which should not exist in any democratic country.

In the United States, for example, the Department of Justice and the FBI became an arm of the Democratic Party, and they are implementing an obvious double standard of indictments and prosecutions. However, this could be challenged and changed if the Republican party gains power. In contrast, under the current Israeli system there is no constitution, and the judges and the prosecutors will not change even if elections bring to power a different group of leadership in the Knesset!

The radical Israeli left, even though they are a relatively small group, have some oblivious supporters from the general population, are notoriously very noisy, and are protesting vigorously. They are acting like this because they are afraid of losing even more power if their allies in the judiciary will have to comply with a new set of democratically and objectively implemented legal reforms.

The fact that these people are using extensive international, anti-Israeli pressure on the legally and democratically elected Israeli government shows very clearly that they do not care about the stability of the State of Israel. They are doing so, totally ignoring the fact that, should they come back into power following any of the next elections, they themselves are going to become the victims of the consequences of their current bashing of the State of Israel.

The self-serving antisemites from the radical right, from the radical left, or from Radical Islam do not care how Jewish you are, or even if you are not Jewish at all; they will try to destroy anybody who stands in their way, as their aspirations include mainly gaining money, power, control, connections, etc.

Let us hope that wisdom will prevail, and tomorrow will be better than yesterday.