Sen. Marco Rubio holds rally for Jewish community, students at FAU

‘Let’s go out and win this election so we can leave for our children what they deserve to inherit,’ Rubio says

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Florida Atlantic University welcomed U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., to campus Thursday.

“Let’s go out and win this election so we can leave for our children what they deserve to inherit — the greatest nation in the history of the world,” Rubio said.

Rubio addressed multiple issues to students and members of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

“Enforce our immigration laws, secure the boarder, produce more American oil, do things that will attract manufacturing,” he said. “Not give money to jurisdictions that refuse to enforce the laws and let criminals run loose.”

After the rally, WPTV reporter Joel Lopez asked Rubio about the recent rise in reports of antisemitism in Florida and the nation.

“There’s such a large Jewish community here, antisemitism is top of mind, do you have any message do denounce any acts?” asked Lopez.

“Yeah, you should denounce it all,” he said. “These are loons and crazies that are out there saying this stuff, but it’s an ugly, ancient poison that needs to be stamped out and condemned every time, because it’s caused so much damage and suffering through our history. My law is the one that put into statute the agreement between us and Israel on mutual aid defense, so continue to do things like that.”

Barbara Feingold, the Florida chair of the RJC, said she believed Rubio’s appearance was well received and that Rubio “is going to win big on Tuesday night.”

“I support candidates that stand up to antisemitism,” Feingold said. “They’re engaged in the Jewish community. They’re very strong, not just on antisemitism, but on writing bills for the schools in Florida.”

Also in the crowd were students from the university.

“While I might not be Jewish, people here today might not be Jewish, they know they stand against hate, and they can stand up for their fellow neighbors and advocate for what’s right,” Pierce Kennamer, the student body president at FAU, told WPTV.

Kennamer said this week the FAU Hillel Center welcomed students for a “spread cream cheese, not hate” event where they handed students free bagels and more than 500 students signed a pledge to combat antisemitism.

“We’re the next generation,” he said. “We’re the up-and-comers and what we want America to look like and what we want our community to look like and what our universities look like and all those things. It comes down to who you elect to put in office.”