Ron DeSantis and Ben Shapiro Break Down Why Everyone Is Moving To Florida

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Ron DeSantis and Ben Shapiro Break Down Why Everyone Is Moving To Florida

What differentiates Florida from so many other States in the United States? The two people who can answer this better than nearly anybody else are Ron DeSantis and Ben Shapiro. Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, was elected via a very narrow margin. He is now much more popular among his constituents. Ben Shapiro picked up and moved his family from California and chose Florida. What were the main reasons?

Is it the schools or the weather? Not really. It is the difference between a liberal-run State and a conservative-run State on one central issue – freedom. Many of the cities across the United States have been filled with lawlessness and lockdowns ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit. But Florida is one of the only States where riots were not allowed to transpire, and children were allowed to play in parks throughout nearly the entire pandemic.

Shapiro describes his time in Los Angeles over the last few years as a “dystopian hell-hole.” These are harsh words, but they are not detached from reality. Anybody who has walked around the beaches and other areas of Los Angeles knows that raising children there means exposing them to people injecting heroin into themselves. It’s everywhere in L.A. Florida is not just a normal State, it is a beautiful State where riots are not allowed to take place. Freedom is guarded, including freedom to gather and demonstrate. Chaos is not allowed, even if it hurts the feelings of those who want to destroy the lives of others. It’s really that simple.

If you want to have a dinner at a restaurant, Ben Shapiro points out that the California lockdown simply did not permit this for many months. But in Florida, the livelihood of the citizens was also a top priority. DeSantis focused on the welfare of the elderly, but also on the rest of the economy, and on the emotional health of the children too. The radical moves supported by Dr. Fauci, that Gov. DeSantis labels as “kneecapping” the entire society, were so drastic, that they turned the masses into a neurotic mass of locked down people that would follow the directives of a small group of health decision-makers.

The best proof of the failures of the draconian policies of Dr. Fauci and others is the State of Florida, led by Gov. DeSantis. It’s the control group that displayed in broad daylight what should have been the proper way of dealing with a pandemic. Guard the freedom and the elderly, and continue on with life while offering people different choices of treatment for people to choose from