Jewish organizations in Palm Beach County sending needed items to hurricane-damaged areas

Jewish organizations in Palm Beach County sending needed items to hurricane-damaged areas

The Jewish community in South Palm Beach County has joined forces to provide essential supplies to support recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia on Florida’s west coast.

B’nai Torah Congregation is currently running a year-round supply drive, which they have redirected to aid the storm victims. This initiative is in collaboration with Hands on Tzedakah and the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, encompassing a wide range of necessities such as food, clothing, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, school materials, and games.

Summer Faerman, the director of the Tzedakah Learning Chesed Program at B’nai Torah Congregation, emphasized their ability to provide precisely what people require when they need it most. The focus is not solely on post-storm relief; they also ensure that these essential items are available before the hurricane strikes, preventing panic and scarcity.

Faerman elaborated, “They don’t have to worry about running out of water or food during the storm. Once the storm subsides, we can assess the situation and ensure that they have clear access to receive the assistance they need.”

Currently, regular shipments are being dispatched to the affected regions. Leaders of B’nai Torah Congregation attest to the vital role this effort plays as families in the Big Bend area strive to rebuild their lives. Faerman emphasized the significance of every contribution, stating, “Every little bit makes a difference. For me, what I do is not just a job; it’s a calling.”

Thanks to this collective endeavor, supplies have already reached over 110,000 individuals in Taylor, Levy, and Suwannee Counties. The inaugural shipment, delivered last week, included 500,000 servings of food and water.