Hundreds Rally in Hallandale Beach in Support of Israel

Home News Hundreds Rally in Hallandale Beach in Support of Israel
Hundreds Rally in Hallandale Beach in Support of Israel

This is just one of many rallies that has taken place all over South Florida following tensions in the Middle East and attacks against people of Jewish descent

Hundreds of supporters of the Jewish community in South Florida came together to rally in Hallandale Beach Sunday afternoon in support of peace in the Middle East.

“We stand for peace on both sides and hope there’s going to be a solution as soon as possible,” said Israel Flor, who attended the rally.

This is just one of several that have taken place recently in South Florida after 11 days of turmoil in Israel and the Gaza Strip. A cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas has ended the violence for now.

“Us as a people, we stay strong no matter what,” said Tal Gil. “No matter the circumstance, no matter the situation, peace is what we want.”

In South Florida, a string of attacks on the Jewish community has followed. Hallandale Police are investigating after they say a man shouted anti-Semitic remarks and hurled a bag of human feces at the Chabad of South Broward, just blocks away from where a rally took place.

“I, personally, at first was scared to come, but I was like no, we all need to be together,” said attendee Lauren Botbol. “We come from the same place. We just want to stay strong and show our love.”

“We’re here, we’re proud to do whatever we can to help our people and our community, said Shani Sayag. “We’re not going to stand down and take hate for no reason and have violence in our communities.”