Electric vehicle incentives in Florida: Who can and how to get a rebate

Electric vehicle incentives in Florida: Who can and how to get a rebate

More drivers are going electric, causing the latest automotive industry disruptor, battery-powered cars, to eat up more market share of the auto industry in the last few years than ever before. But the sticker price on a new EV is still more than a new gasoline-powered car and driver anxiety around charging accessibility is still keeping most drivers from making the switch.

To encourage individual drivers and businesses to make their next vehicle battery-powered, government incentives have been rolling out at both the state and federal level at a faster pace for the last three years. But how easy is it to get a rebate for driving electric in Florida? That depends on who you are and what kind of EV you may have or are considering purchasing.

Florida, compared to most states, doesn’t have a particularly robust incentive program for those who opt to drive battery-powered cars. Finding which incentives apply to Floridian drivers as a whole can become a tricky situation for noncommercial automobile owners, since most Florida EV incentives rely on residents’ utility companies rather than a comprehensive statewide program.

Here’s a roundup of key things to consider if you’re trying to get paid for driving an electric car in Florida. Don’t get your hopes up, options are limited.

Does Florida offer tax credits for buying electric vehicles?

Unlike states like Colorado, Connecticut and Delaware, where state governments offer big tax rebates for electric vehicle purchases, the state of Florida does not offer tax credits or rebates to residents who purchase a new or used electric vehicle. Some residents could be eligible for tax credits through their local utility company.

Some businesses like dealerships and apartment complexes are eligible for the statewide electric vehicle incentives that do exist.

Which Florida utility companies offer tax credits for electric vehicle drivers?

Much like the statewide incentives, Florida utility companies that do offer incentives mainly target commercial customers, incentivizing car dealerships to sell more electric vehicles and other commercial customers to install EV charging stations.

In Orlando, though, Orlando Utilities Commission customers can seek a $200 rebate for buying a new or used electric vehicle. And in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Electric Authority customers can apply to receive around $7 each month for charging their vehicles during off-peak hours, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando utility companies offer incentives for businesses and residents who buy electric vehicles or EV chargers

  • Tampa Electric Company (TECO) – In Tampa, business customers like workplace, public or retail, multi-unit dwelling, income-qualified, and government sites can join the TECO Drive Smart program to earn a rebate of up to $5,000 for purchasing and installing public EV charging stations.
  • Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) – Until September of 2025, JEA will be offering commercial customers for purchasing or leasing both electric vehicles and EV charging stations. Through JEA’s electrification rebates program, participants can get up to 60% of their project costs for installing EV chargers covered by JEA. The utility company also offers an opportunity for residents to get up to $7 each month for charging their EVs during off-peak hours.
  • Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) – Kissimmee’s Utility Authority provides $100 rebates to residents who purchase a new EV or purchase and install a home EV charging station through its Greenteam.
  • Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) – Orlando’s utility company offers the best incentive in the state for potential electric vehicle buyers. Residential customers who buy a new or used electric vehicle are eligible to receive a $200 rebate from OUC within six months of purchasing or leasing an EV. OUC customers can also receive a $50 gift card for test driving an EV at certain Orlando dealerships. Orlando dealerships are also eligible for incentives for each electric vehicle sold or leased. Other commercial customers can elect to pay for the installation of a charging station on a month-by-month basis with OUC’s commercial EV charging service.
  • Duke Energy –Duke Energy’s residential customers in Florida can get up to $10 a month for charging their EVs during off-peak hours.
  • Electric vehicle taxes: Owning a Tesla or Nissan Leaf in Texas is about to get more expensive under new EV tax.

    Other incentives for electric car drivers in Florida

    Here are some Florida electric vehicle incentives available through the state, according to the U.S. Department of Energy:

    • EV Charging Station Financing Authorization – This authorization allows local governments to help property owners in their jurisdiction finance EV charger installation costs.
    • Idle Reduction and Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Weight Exemption – Any vehicle that has idle reduction technology may be permitted to exceed weight regulations.