Club Z National Conference Empowers Hundreds of Teen

Club Z National Conference Empowers Hundreds of Teen

Club Z National Conference Empowers Hundreds of Teen and Community Leaders to Advocate for Israel and Combat Jew Hatred.

Club Z, a national Zionist youth movement, will hold its national conference in Miami, Florida,
from January 13 to 16, 2023. Club Z creates a network of educated and articulate teen activists with a
commitment to Zionism who advocate for Israel and the Jewish people. The national conference is the
only Zionist event of its kind, bringing together high school students from around the country for a
weekend of inspiration, fun, bonding and advocacy training with internationally renowned experts on
Israel and the Middle East.
“How do we prepare our kids to face the onslaught of antisemitism that is infiltrating almost every aspect
of life?” asks Club Z Founder Masha Merkulova. “We give them the knowledge, confidence and support to
confront Jew-hatred in all its forms. The Club Z National Conference is the apex of our work throughout
the year. Teens engage with international experts and fellow Zionists so they are prepared to go out into
the world and unapologetically defend themselves, Israel and the Jewish people.”

Conference speakers and topics will include:

Ami on the Loose: Behind the Scenes with Ami Horowitz
Ami Horowitz, Filmmaker
From interviewing a member of Hamas to waving an ISIS flag at UC Berkeley, Ami Horowitz is an
American filmmaker who is unafraid to challenge assumptions or the status quo in what he calls “guerilla

The First Rule of Combat is…: A Sit-Down with Colonel Richard Kemp
Col. Richard Kemp, Fmr. British Army Commander
With a career spanning decades in the British Armed Forces, Colonel Kemp will shed light on the
intricacies of warfare, soldiers’ actions, and why the IDF remains one of the most moral armies in the

I’m Jewish and I Know It: Taking Jewish Pride to the Streets
Meir Kay, YouTube Sensation, Mental Health Awareness Advocate and Author
Teens will learn how to overcome obstacles, live as proud Jews and never compromise on their values.

How to Spot Anti-Israel Media Bias in News Articles
Alex Traiman, Jewish News Syndicate CEO and Jerusalem Bureau Chief
Alex Traiman will take a deep dive into news articles and teach students the tricks some news outlets use
to paint a biased picture and how to easily identify when not to trust an article’s reporting.

Lights, Camera, Jewish!!
Gloria Z. Greenfield, Documentary Filmmaker
A lifelong advocate for the Jewish people, Gloria Greenfield explores the value of freedom and
democracy and in doing so, inspires audiences around the world to reclaim critical issues such as
freedom, truth and justice.

Raised to Hate: Ask Me Anything
Yahya Mahamid, Israeli-Arab Zionist
Yahya Mahamid was indoctrinated from childhood to hate Jews and deny Israel’s statehood. After
realizing that he had been intentionally misled, he decided to do everything within his power to combat the
negative stereotypes and demonization of Israel and went on to serve in the IDF.

Stories from the Frontlines with an IDF Commander
Ran Bar-Yoshafat, Public Diplomacy Expert and Pro-Israel Activist
Ran Bar Yoshafat shares his incredible story of serving as a commander in the IDF and going on to
become a public diplomacy expert and pro-Israel activist.
In addition, Col. Kemp will present one Club Z teen with the “Titanium Award,” which recognizes Zionist
activism, leadership and courage. The award will be presented to a teen who has demonstrated
exceptional advocacy for Israel and the Jewish people in the face of injustice.


Members of the media are welcome to attend the conference, including the VIP Reception on
Sunday, January 13, but must register by contacting Gail Rauner, Director of Marketing, at

About Club Z
Club Z is a national Zionist youth movement that equips American Jewish teens in grades eight through
12 with the tools and knowledge to be proud Zionists, vocal supporters of Israel and to combat
antisemitism. Through immersive learning sessions, community-building activities and advocacy training,
Club Z builds a network of educated and confident leaders at the high school level, before teens get to
college, who embrace their Jewish identity and are proud of their Jewish heritage.